Une maison nette zéro de Stanford dispose d’un châssis en acier résistant aux séismes | 21 juillet 2016 | Article en anglais

When Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson wanted an energy-efficient home that he could customize to his liking, he set his sights on the Quebec-based company BONE Structure.

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Fabuleux préfab…

Palo Alto Online | 24 juin 2016 | Article en anglais

Weekend tours to expose bare-bones construction of net-zero home.  Most house tours offer an opportunity to check out picture-perfect interior designs and architecture.

At this weekend’s tours of California’s first BONE Structure prefab home on the Stanford University campus, visitors will be exposed to anything but the latest interior finishes and are advised to wear closed shoes: They will be touring the construction zone of a steel-beamed prefab house shipped down from Canada — its bones still exposed as design company BONE Structure finishes its assembly.

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