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Pre-fabulous BONE Structure

Luxury Home and Design Show, Janvier 2015

Cookie-cutter modular homes have had a bad rap, but BONE Structure is making pre-fabs as covetable as Gisele Bündchen’s cheekbones.

This Montreal company has created “a house without nails” that’s assembled in a quarter of the time of conventional homes. Sound shaky? Au contraire. BONE Structure’s 11-gauge steel framing is virtually immovable once bolted together. Water damage, mold, shifting, cracks in walls, wind damage, even earthquake damage will be little concern for West Coast homeowners of BONE homes.

It will be huge in a couple years. There’s nothing else like it.” Gary Tiwana, president of Paramax Homes, first broke ground with the precision-cut beams six months ago. The second builder in BC to become authorized, he added BONE Structure to his existing repertoire of high-end home building skills.

“There are no wasted off-cuts, no mold possible. It’s recycled steel, so very efficient.” Steel’s strength throws open the doors to new and improved views and roomier living spaces since fewer load-bearing walls and intermediate columns are needed. Meet the trailblazer in person at the Luxury Home & Design Show May 1-3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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