Portes ouvertes BONE Structure à Niagara-on-the-Lake

Visitors impressed by new technology

Augusut 2015, Niagara Falls Review

Those who took the tour of the house in Niagara-on-the-Lake that is being built using BONE structure technology seem to like it.

However, some local residents feel it just doesn’t fit in with what currently exists in the historic town, and we will be hearing more about their specific concerns in the near future.

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Portes ouvertes BONE Structure à Niagara-on-the-Lake

New way to build a home

August 2015, Niagara Falls Review

It’s the first home of this kind to be built in the Niagara Region and it’s being constructed on waterfront property in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

It is using Bone Structure technology, something that was inspired from a combination of LEGO and Meccano, where pieces are simply snapped together.

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CTV News Saskatoon

De l’acier au lieu du bois pour la structure des maisons

Juillet 2015, CTV News Saskatoon | Article en anglais

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Construction modulaire : un joueur qui change la donne

Juillet 2015, The Star Phoenix | Article en anglais

About 10 years ago, Marc Bovet decided to renovate a house in Montreal. It didn’t go well.

“What happens is that, even though we planned everything, I ended up in a hotel room with my wife and four kids – the usual story,” the former aerospace executive explained.

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Global News Saskatoon

First BONE Structure home in Saskatoon

July 2015, Global News

Saskatoon has its first BONE Structure home. Meaghan Craig gets a sneak peek and gets details on what makes this house unique.

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Saskatoon’s first BONE Structure home under construction

July 2015, CBC News Saskatoon

A new home being built in Saskatoon wasn’t constructed using LEGO or Meccano, but the building method was inspired by the children’s toys. The city’s first BONE Structure home is being assembled at 612 Temperance Street. The style of home can be built in just days. It uses a lightweight recycled steel frame, and like LEGO, the pieces easily fit together.

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Portes ouvertes BONE Structure à Saint-Zotique

Une maison érigée à partir d’une structure d’acier

Juillet 2015, Journal St-François

L’entreprise BONE Structure a développé un système de construction en structure d’acier léger – et non en bois – permettant une précision, une rigueur et un contrôle de la qualité sans pareil, si l’on se fie à son président et fondateur, Marc-André Bovet.

Lors de la visite d’une résidence construite par BONE Structure, localisée sur la rue Principale à Saint-Zotique, M. Bovet a mentionné au JOURNAL que la structure d’acier galvanisée est livrée en pièces détachées. Elle est ensuite montée sur le chantier.

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Spurring a manufacturing boom in Quebec could take more than just a weak Canadian dollar

July 2015, Financial Post

MONTREAL – For BONE Structure, a Laval, Que.-based home designer and builder, the U.S. building permits it expects in the coming days are arriving at the right time with the Canadian dollar at a six-year low.

The company has contracts to put up buildings in California and Texas, but all the pieces will be manufactured in Canada, then shipped south to be assembled onsite.

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Nouvelle technologie de construction avec zéro déchet

Juillet 2015, Monster Commercial | Article en anglais

A new building technology platform is emerging that is changing the way homes, multi-residential and light commercial buildings are being built. BONE Structure is unique in every way from the traditional method of construction.

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Newest Development Corporation - BONE Structure

Made Right Here: BONE Structure Homes

July 2015, NTV HD

Danielle Butt explores a new way to build your home at Newest Development Corporation.

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