Technology Patented in 25 Countries

The BONE Structure® steel construction technology combines the advantages of a post-and-beam structure with an integrated energy efficient solution for the thermal envelope. BONE Structure Homes are Net Zero Energy Ready and can easily reach LEED or PassivHaus Certifications. We provide architects with exceptional tools and building solutions to design striking and timeless buildings.


The patented BONE Structure steel structure will withstand bending, buckling or rotting over time, and is resistant to damage from termites and mold.


Our integrated combination of rigid and foam insulation reduces energy loads, and provides superior comfort and energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional construction.


BONE Structure’s recommended high performance doors and windows complete the thermal envelope and provide breathtaking views without sacrificing performance.

Steel Structure & SIP Panels

Precision beyond measure

The components in a BONE Structure home are 3D designed and catalogued as part of the manufacturing process. There is no searching, second-guessing or cutting on the job site, ensuring a fast and cost-effective assembly.


Designed for local challenges

Each custom home is carefully designed to withstand local snow loads, seismic loads and heavy winds. Steel is also impervious to mold, rot and termite damage, protecting both your health and your investment.


High-performance Homes

Every high performance design relies on outstanding insulation and an efficient air exchange with the outside. The BONE Structure thermal envelope is a one-stop shop solution to design with and build on.

Extreme insulation for high performance buildings

Energy Efficiency

Our high performance integrated design thermal envelope offers extreme energy efficiency through a combination of expanded polystyrene panels and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation. Wall insulation is at least R28.5, while roof insulation is R53 or higher.

11-Gauge Recycled Galvanized Steel

Surgical Precision

The 11-gauge galvanized steel components used in a BONE Structure home are precision designed on 3D software and laser cut with the same technology used to machine parts for aircrafts and automobiles.

Steel Structure

Bones of Steel

The steel structure is made to last so you will be able to enjoy your BONE Structure home regardless of what lies ahead. Our designs often require no interior load-bearing walls (so no limitations), which means a BONE Structure home is infinitely adaptable and reconfigurable.

Project 13-421

Fits Any Lot

Our flexible architecture and just-in-time delivery make the BONE Structure technology an ideal solution for difficult locations, whether they are space constrained, like an urban lot, or remote access rural terrains.

Project 15-461

Accessory System

An integrated steel-spine staircase system produces stairs which are as solid as they are stylish. Exterior siding, patios, balconies and pergolas are all features that can be incorporated into the BONE Structure system with ease.


Smart Highways

Pre-cut openings in various elements of the structure are ready to accommodate electricity, ventilation and heating. These “highways” provide easy routing while simplifying installation work and maintenance.

Environmentally Sustainable

Not only is steel recyclable, unlike wood or concrete, but the BONE Structure steel construction technology is so precise that there is nothing left over once the job is complete. Few people realize that 50% of waste in landfills comes from construction sites. This is because, on average, the construction of a small house using traditional methods fills a minimum of three waste containers of 40 cubic meters! And you end up paying not only for wasted materials, but also for their removal, the rental of containers, and labor.

Steel Construction Technology & Comfort

22 ft ceilings, 25 ft spans, 20 ft doors and windows openings, no interior-load bearing walls, all possibilities. Imagine large spaces to let your creativity flow and connect with the outdoors. The strength and precision of our patented steel structure system allows for crisp finishes and a sharp look.

Why should I choose Large Windows for my Home?

Natural Light

Invite nature in with large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide breathtaking views in perfect harmony with the exterior.


Open Spaces

Enjoy bright, open interiors that can span up to 25 feet wide by any length desired thanks to the strength of our structure.


High-end Design

Achieve a comprehensive custom design that is in harmony with your interior wishes and the unique advantages of your terrain.