Home made — and made easy with new pre-cut steel system

Toronto Star, September 2014

Toronto has its first snap-together house, as steel bars snapped together to form the home hosting an unusual open house this weekend in North York.

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What’s in the skeleton of a BONE Structure home?, September 2014

TORONTO — BONE Structure launches innovative Toronto home in the Don Mills neighbourhood during an open house event

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Quebec’s “disruptive” home builder to launch first Toronto project, September 2014

He won’t make any friends in the home building industry, not with comments like this: “Our houses are dinosaurs. People are still building them the same way as we have been for 400 years.

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The Home of the Future

CTV News, Sept 2014

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Global Toronto Morning News meets Marc A. Bovet

Global Toronto Morning News, September 2014

Liem catches up with the founder of BONE Structure as he shows us an innovative housing design that can have a roof over your head in four days.

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