Un Meccano pour grands qui voient grand

Magazine Forces | March 2018

Ouvrant des possibilités jusque-là inimaginables, l’entreprise lavalloise BONE Structure a conçu une armature en acier léger, sans murs porteurs, ce qui ouvre l’espace et la possibilité de fenêtres immenses pour accueillir la lumière. De quoi faire rêver les bâtisseurs de cathédrales !

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Sustainable Home Design Meets Stanford Climate Scientist

What kind of a new home would be fitting for a leading climate scientist who has dedicated his scientific career to proving the world can quickly transition off fossil fuel?

In alignment with his life’s work, when professor Mark Z. Jacobson decided to build his house in Stanford, he pursued an energy-efficient design that generates all its own energy from renewable sources.

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BONE Structure: A Building System Unlike the Rest

A sweeping wave of green building regulations is making its way across North America, with various states, provinces, cities and municipalities setting dates and targets for Net Zero Energy Efficiency and Zero Waste building requirements. Poised to change the construction industry, these regulations have a profound impact on the way homebuilding is approached, and are catapulting building systems to the forefront.

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