Project 14-513 In Rivière-Beaudette By BONE Structure

May 25, 2016,

Lakefront view anyone?

Under the creative initiative of BONE Structure, project 14-513 was built overlooking the gorgeous views and sunsets of Lake St-Francois in Quebec- the perfect setting to escape a hectic lifestyle, and submerge oneself in complete and utter calmness.

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Steel Framed Homes By Montreal’s BONE Structure

August 2015,

Let’s strip off the beautiful facades of our homes, and get right down to its bones! This is what Montreal-based company, BONE Structure, has been doing: they design residential homes and light commercial buildings made out of steel. This is a unique concept, as most homes in North America are wood-studs, not steel-based. Here are seven benefits why you should consider steel over wood!

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