Fusing Luxury with Energy Efficiency

Green Home Builder Magazine | April 2017, by Charles Bovet

Sustainability is becoming a top of mind issue for luxury home design. Just as the market for high end electric cars is exploding, there is equal demand and desire for beautiful homes that are “healthy,” both for the environment and for their inhabitants.

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Why the home building industry doesn’t care about energy efficiency or waste

In general, most large conventional homebuilders build to code and no more. In most states, building to code means the home won’t fall down, but this is not the same thing as being excellent. In fact, it means that most homes are only built to the very minimum standard required by law.

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How Building in California is Different

Everyone knows California is a little different than the rest of the United States. Some people take great inspiration from that fact, and others fear it.

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What You Need to Know About Passive Homes

Saving money on energy bills has never been easier than with the rigorous standards and concepts presented by Passive Houses. The Passive House was introduced in 1991 by Dr. Feist in Germany and is a concept used more and more commonly in construction of homes and buildings today.

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5 Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

The words “modular” and “modern” are two words that have never preceded each other in the past, but are now finally starting to make headway in the custom build modern housing market.

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What you should really know about green homes

Green homes mean different things to different people. It all depends on your own personal view point and idea of what a green home really is.

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