How the Pandemic Made Us Rethink Functionality in the Modern Home

 The last two years have reshaped how we operate as a society. While much of normal life has returned in 2022, some aspects of daily life have been forever altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid hasn’t just affected the way people commute, work, and recreate, it has also shifted our values. For many, the pandemic brought healthy living back to the top of their priority list. While Covid locked us in our homes for weeks or months at a time, it allowed our minds to wander beyond our previous notions of what was possible. Suddenly, the collective will to live intentionally and spend our time wisely outgrew the urge to partake in the traditional work-life model. By 2021, companies saw large numbers of employees opting to continue working remotely. When that wasn’t an option, many chose to shift to careers offering a better work-life balance in what has been dubbed “the Great Resignation.” According to architect Alexandra Manacas, “architects are incorporating the renewed focus on healthy living that was born out of the pandemic into their designs.” This shift in values didn’t just affect how we live, but where we live. Suddenly, multifunctional spaces, dedicated home offices, and designs that connect us to nature are in high demand.

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