Big, modern, Lego-like homes being “assembled” in Clarington

Northumberland News | Septembre 2018

Futuristic steel-frame design means less waste, more energy efficient and larger windows

NEWTONVILLE — At the very eastern edge of Durham Region, 28 luxury homes are being built with a futuristic new process that’s kinder to the environment. The massive, modern homes are built with steel pieces manufactured off-site, using a process that is similar to how cars and airplanes are made.

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BONE Structure : Modernité et utilité

Journal L’Étoile, 16 juin 2015

Cette fin de semaine, les Vaudreuil-Soulangeois ont découvert un système de construction novateur et écologique lors des trois jours portes ouvertes d’une maison signée BONE Structure située à Saint-Zotique. L’événement a attiré plus de 600 visiteurs.

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Home made — and made easy with new pre-cut steel system

Toronto Star, September 2014

Toronto has its first snap-together house, as steel bars snapped together to form the home hosting an unusual open house this weekend in North York.

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What’s in the skeleton of a BONE Structure home?, September 2014

TORONTO — BONE Structure launches innovative Toronto home in the Don Mills neighbourhood during an open house event

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Quebec’s “disruptive” home builder to launch first Toronto project, September 2014

He won’t make any friends in the home building industry, not with comments like this: “Our houses are dinosaurs. People are still building them the same way as we have been for 400 years.

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The Home of the Future

CTV News, Sept 2014

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