From the Architectural Point of View 2018 – Dwell On Design

Studio B Style | May 2018


The first I’d heard Takashi Yanai’s name was in Minnesota. Someone mentioned his name to me and spelled it out so I could look it up. His work is forward thinking and very inspiring. It’s modern and warm at the same time – a mix between contemporary and urban organic styles.

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Bridge House

The Architect’s Newspaper | April 2018

Half a block south of Los Angeles’s ritzy Hancock Park neighbourhood, a secret underground stream that draws its water from the mountains of Griffith Park runs across the backyards of several unassuming homes. On a quizzical block where each house provides a corresponding bridge to span the stream, Los Angeles-based architect Dan Brunn is busy erecting a 200-foot-long house that doubles as its own bridge.

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10 things to consider when choosing a house plan

The long awaited moment has arrived: you start building your home! Firstly, know that the quality of your house plan is crucial to the success of your project. A good plan must specify each architectural detail of your future home, both internally and externally.

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7 things to discover about contemporary architecture

What exactly is contemporary architecture? It is usually defined as the architecture of the present day.

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