Custom Home Building Process

9 Steps to your New Home

At BONE Structure, we believe you should be in complete control when it comes to building your new home. This is why we work very closely with you to make the entire process as seamless and transparent as possible.  We set a timeline from day one and progress with efficiency until the day you move in.

1. Find Suitable Land

Your first step

Finding the right lot is the first step towards your new home. We will start your design while taking into consideration the urban or rural location, dimensions, views, sunlight,  neighboring environment, your lifestyle and of course your budget.

Location Dimensions View Sun Neighbors

Haven’t found a lot yet? Our team can help you!

2. Meet with a Project Manager

Let’s plan together

Our Design Project Manager will be your main point of contact with BONE Structure throughout the design, permitting and construction steps of your project. During your meeting, you will discuss your wish list, establish a budget and plan the road ahead.

  • Answers

    Our Design Project Manager will answer any and all questions you may still have.

  • Wish List

    You will establish the main elements of your design and create a list of requirements.

  • Budget

    Your overall budget will be discussed by sections, such as site preparation, building materials, finishing options, etc.

  • Road Ahead

    We will provide you with all the information you need to navigate the next steps with ease and confidence.

3. Design your Custom Home

Bring your vision to life

BONE Structure Sketches

BONE Structure Design Services

From start to finish, take advantage of our unique approach by using BONE Structure’s Integrated Design Services, including home design, engineering and interior design.

Concept Presentation Document (Demo)

This includes:

+ Site Plan
+ Floorplan
+ Side Elevations
+ 3D Rendering

High-Performance Design Process

Each BONE Structure home is optimized for energy efficiency using our high-performance process. Learn more about this unique approach.

Working with an external architect

We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with external architects. You can start from one of our inspirational collections or design a custom home just for you.

Provided support:

+ Continuous Cost Feedback
+ Preliminary Structural Layout

4. Meet With your Builder

While working on the conceptual design, your Design Project Manager will introduce you to several builders and assist you in finding the best match for your project.  It is also possible to have your home built by your own trusted general contractor.

The builder will be of great help at this stage to provide a cost-to-build analysis.

5. Finalize Plans for Permit

Get official construction approval

When the architectural design of your home is complete, the next step is to gather all the documents required for the building permit application, including:

+ Full architectural plans
+ Structural plans
+ Construction details

We will take care of everything!

Most planning authorities require additional documents to give their green light. Whether it is a tree report or a plumbing layout, our experts will help you find what is needed and how to get it.

You are now ready to build

6. Choose your Interior Design

Select your finishes

Project 15-461

It is now time to select finishing materials, from floor finishes to lighting and plumbing fixtures. Our team of experienced Interior Designers will be happy to guide you through the exciting world of textures and materials.

Project 15-461

BONE Structure precision allows you to plan everything in advance.  You can even order your kitchen cabinets before the foundation is poured.

7. Site Preparation & Manufacturing

Work in tandem to accelerate your project’s delivery

While your site is being prepared and the foundation is poured, all BONE Structure components are manufactured locally in one of our 12 North American plants (as of 2016). Using the latest production technologies borrowed from the aerospace and automotive industries, each component is laser-cut to precision.

Site preparation and manufacturing of the BONE Structure components is happening in parallel to accelerate your project delivery.

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Site preparation work includes demolition, excavation, and foundation work as well as any installation below ground.

Steel structure delivered on jobsite


Within weeks of the order date, BONE Structure components are shipped ready to assemble to your site. Shipments are timed for “just in time” delivery to minimize on-site staging.

8. BONE Structure Shell Assembly

Your home is now taking form quickly

Designed for Efficiency

The engineered components allow for efficient work and respect of your timeline, with everything going to its intended use: no cutting, no welding and no rework. Everything fits perfectly.

The thermal envelope of a BONE Structure home of 3,000 sq.ft. can be assembled in as little as three weeks, without waste or any material surplus.

Integrated Insulation

Integrated Insulation

The BONE Structure insulation system is designed on a multi-layer principle with the end-in-mind resulting in an optimized, comfortable and energy efficient home that surpasses all North-American standards.

The structure is literaly wrapped in dry high performance insulation.  BONE Structure homes are Net Zero Energy ready.  Our shell reduces heating and cooling energy needs by 90% compared to the average new home in North America. That’s a significant amount of money over a 25 year mortgage.

9. Exterior and Interior Finishing

Once the BONE Structure thermal envelope is up, we will complete the exterior finishing. Simultaneously, the interior partitions, electricity, plumbing and HVAC will be assembled to ensure a hassle-free turnkey project.

Project 13-328

Exterior Finishes

Harmonious exterior finishes are the key to a beautiful project.  The flexibility of the BONE Structure system allows for the use of a variety of exterior finishes. Go traditional with wood, stucco and masonry or contemporary with steel and concrete panels.  The choice is yours.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Every opening you will need in a BONE Structure home is precut.  Beams are designed with MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing) and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) highways.  All these systems are easily wired through our walls and ceilings with no cutting and no piercing.  Leave that to us.

Interior Finishes

The precision of our system enables clear cut details and the minimalistic signature look of modern architecture – large doors, overhangs, cantilevers, floor to ceiling windows, and curtain walls with clean lines and unequaled precision.

It’s time to move in

It can take as little as 24 weeks for you to move in, from the day we receive the green light for manufacturing.

Download the BONE Structure Process Brochure