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Why do we build? We build because our dreams for the future see us in a home unlike any on the market. We build because the sunset view we have in mind has yet to be framed. We build because the perfect home has yet to be designed: a home custom built for you.

BONE Structure is here to help you achieve that dream. Using a step-by-step approach, we make the homebuilding experience uniquely enjoyable. Our seamless, integrated services streamline the process of building a home into a predictable, thoroughly planned and executed project.

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Let's talk!

Let’s Talk

Our Sales Team will answer any questions you may have about the BONE Structure building system and process. We would also love to learn more about you: your ideal home, your interests and more.

Your Lot

Your Lot

A critical element of the design process, your lot will dictate the placement, energy considerations and views of your future home. Each BONE Structure home is optimized for the specific lot it will be built on.

A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

Let’s take some time to make sure the BONE Structure building system is the perfect fit for your home. To evaluate the feasibility of your project we’ll study your design wishes, your ideal timeline, your target budget and more.




While building a home may appear to be a daunting endeavor, in reality it consists of a number of predictable steps. During the Planning Stage, BONE Structure’s Project Managers will guide you through the planning phase and go over the next steps of the BONE Structure process in detail. By the end of this stage, your requirements, your preferred timeline and your target budget will be explored further, and your homebuilding project will begin to take shape.

BONE Structure Planning Stage Timeline
BONE Structure Project Manager Meeting
BONE Structure Concept Design



Feel inspired! You have a blank canvas, it’s time to daydream. Whether you start from one of our inspirational models or we design a full custom home, the BONE Structure architectural and structural engineering services are here to bring your vision to reality. At the end of this stage, the main elements of your home will have been decided using a 3D Conceptual Model: site plans, space programming, building orientation, building massing, and preliminary finishes.

Anticipating the permitting stage, and to ensure the design of your home progresses smoothly, BONE Structure researches on your behalf: site analysis, local building codes, by-laws and even preliminary structural and technical studies are completed at this stage.

BONE Structure Research
BONE Structure Concept Plans

Concept Presentation

A final conceptual design presentation ensures all major design decisions have been covered and finalized. With these design choices made, a preliminary costing of the project is performed before moving on to the next stage.

BONE Structure Concept

Project Timeline

With the conceptual design complete, your Project Manager can now establish a project timeline and begin coordinating with any required third parties to prepare the next steps.

BONE Structure Project Management

Project Management

Each step of the BONE Structure process follows a predetermined set of tasks and milestones. Specific project parameters are  added to this timeline to establish the overall duration of each phase.



Intelligent design, down to the last detail: BONE Structure uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) for every single home designed. During the Schematic Design stage, the Conceptual Model of your home is developed into a detailed 3D Coordination Model. This model allows for full integration and coordination across our teams and external collaborators. All assumptions from the Conceptual Model are validated at this stage, and potential concerns are identified and solved in the software. This eliminates unforeseen situations on the work site.

BONE Structure can also identify and introduce you to a builder best suited for your project, should you require one. A detailed project budget is prepared and presented at this stage, in coordination with all key players involved.

BONE Structure Schematic Section

The Coordination Model is used to produce all the plans and documents necessary to obtain the planning and building permits. Throughout the permitting process, BONE Structure serves as the main point of contact and liaison with all external consultants. We can coordinate with local authorities on your behalf to ensure the permitting process is as seamless as possible.

BONE Structure Plans

Detailed Sections & Plans

BONE Structure Structural Model


BONE Structure Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis



The steel structure of every BONE Structure home built is assembled virtually before being sent to production: every steel component, every insulation panel, every door and window. The average structure of a BONE Structure home contains over 12,000 components in the Structural Model!

BONE Structure - Structural Model

Just like the 3D Coordination Model, the Structural Model serves multiple purposes. These steps anticipate the assembly work to be done on-site, and are a great example of the inherent quality control provided by in-depth integration.

BONE Structure Assembly Interference Check

Any potential interference concerns between components are identified and corrected in the 3D software.

BONE Structure Assembly Plans

A full set of assembly plans is also created from this model: a detailed, step-by-step instructions manual for the Building Partner.

BONE Structure Manufacturing

Once the Structural Model has been inspected and validated, it is sent to one of our steel manufacturing plants for production. The components are then shipped flat packed to be assembled on-site, as soon as the foundation is complete.

BONE Structure Site Preparation

While our technical team prepares the 3D Structural Model, the Building Partner can begin site preparation. This includes any demolition, excavation, foundation work, as well as any installations below ground.

BONE Structure Assembly Site


BONE Structure

Efficient, precise and sustainable. The engineered components of a BONE Structure thermal envelope just fit: with every component going to its intended use, there are no wasted materials on-site, and staging is kept to a minimum.

BONE Structure Assembly

Steel Structure

Assisted by a BONE Structure Construction Manager, an experienced Building Partner can typically assemble the steel structure of a 3,000 sq. ft. home in as little as five weeks.

BONE Structure Assembly


By combining rigid insulation and spray-foam polyurethane insulation, BONE Structure is able to achieve superior thermal efficiency and airtightness. This combination is a key element of the BONE Structure thermal envelope.

Doors & Windows

With the doors and windows installed, the BONE Structure thermal envelope is now complete and weathertight! A BONE Structure Construction Manager will certify the assembly and your home project can move into the final stages of construction.

BONE Structure Assembly


The BONE Structure building system allows for the use of a wide variety of interior and exterior finishes, from traditional ones such as wood or masonry to sleek, modern options such as steel or concrete panels.

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Once the BONE Structure thermal envelope has been wrapped up, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems can be completed, as well as interior and exterior finishes. This final step is typically executed by the Building Partner, with BONE Structure offering turnkey services in certain markets.

BONE Structure beams and wall compositions are designed with MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) in mind, which can be easily installed with no cutting or piercing required. Various mechanical systems (or combinations) can be used with BONE Structure, and they are often downsized thanks to the efficiency of our thermal envelope.

BONE Structure MEP

With the interior and exterior finishes complete,
it’s time to move in!

Here are some of our most recent projects.

BONE Structure Integrated Process Brochure

Find additional information on the BONE Structure Integrated Process by downloading the brochure.

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