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Winner of a Silicon Valley Clean Energy Award

“I’m grateful to be selected, along with LinkedIn, for a Silicon Valley All-Electric Showcase Award by Silicon Valley Clean Energy.

The award is for my net-negative emission all-electric (zero gas) home. It includes rooftop solar, batteries for storage, electric cars, electric induction cooktop, electric heat pumps for air and water heating and air cooling, LED lights, heavy insulation, including windows, efficient all-electric appliances, and a prefabricated steel structure.

In the first two years, it produced 20% more electricity than it used for everything. Thus, there was zero electric bill, zero natural gas bill, and zero gasoline bill. Instead, I received checks back each year from SVCE for an average of $550/yr. I also avoided $6,000 or more in a gas hookup fee and an additional $10,000 in gas pipes.

The structure is prefabricated steel, from BONE Structure. Thanks to Guillaume Bazouin and Bone for great RE and efficiency ideas and Wilkinson Construction, Inc. for putting it together.”

Mark Z. Jacobson via LinkedIn

BONE Structure
Official Launch in California

Unveiling of Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson


Unveiling of the new, zero-energy home of climate
and-clean energy scientist Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson in Stanford, CA.

BareBONE Event and Unveiling

Mark Z. Jacobson – Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of the Atmosphere/Energy program at Stanford University, co-founder of The Solutions Project and of the 100% initiative – unveiled his net-zero BONE Structure home in Stanford, California on July 23rd, 2016. Over the course of 4 days, more than 1000 people attended the bareBONE event, which showcased a convergence of clean technologies including those of TomKat Center Innovation Transfer grantees that are deploying sustainable energy solutions for the built world. Speakers at the event included Mark Jacobson, JB Straubel (CTO and co-founder of Tesla Motors), Tommaso Deserti (Head of RNC and OEM at Nest), Marc Bovet (CEO and co-founder of BONE Structure) and Charles Bovet (VP Operations US of BONE Structure).

BONE Structure Official Launch in California

With its first project in California well under way and 16 additional projects to be built in the Bay Area and Southern California, BONE Structure also marked the official launch of their San Francisco office. Following quickly in the footsteps of the Stanford home, two new projects are already breaking ground in July. BONE Structure aims to build 50 new homes in California in 2016 and has the manufacturing resources to build up to 1000 homes per year.

BONE Structure bareBONE Speakers

From left to right: Marc BOVET (CEO | Co-founder of BONE Structure), Mark JACOBSON (Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University and co-founder of The Solutions Project), Michelle TREMBLAY (VP | Co-founder of BONE Structure), JB STRAUBEL (CTO and co-founder of Tesla Motors), Charles BOVET (VP Operations US at BONE Structure) and Tommy DESERTI (Head of RNC and OEM at Nest)

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In Their Own Words

Mark Z. Jacobson

“I chose the BONE Structure technology because it offered prefabricated benefits (reduced waste on the job-site, decreased dust, and minimalized disruption to neighbors) while providing more flexibility for the shape of the house and making the most of my odd-shaped lot. The net energy efficiency, once the envelope is leak-proof, is due not only to the structure but also to energy sources and appliances. I have no gas going onto the property; instead, all energy comes from electricity. I will use electric cars, heat pumps for air and water heating, and an electric induction stove. The house will be powered by solar panels on the rooftop and energy will be stored using Tesla batteries in the garage.”

– Mark Z. Jacobson

Videos of the BareBONE event

During the event, we have collected the testimonials of visitors, builders, architects and customers, following their first contact with the BONE Structure construction system.
Hear them react to our innovative technology.

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360 Virtual Reality Render of the Main Floor

Samsung Gear VR 360 Rendering

BONE Structure Technology



Our high performance integrated shell offers extreme energy efficiency through a combination of expanded polystyrene panels and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation. Wall insulation is at least R-28.5, while roof insulation is R-56 or higher.



The 11-gauge galvanized steel components used in a BONE Structure home are precision-designed on our 3D modeling platform and laser cut.



Our flexible architecture and just-in-time delivery make the BONE Structure technology an ideal solution for difficult locations, whether they are space-constrained, like an urban lot, or remote access rural terrains.



The steel structure is made to last, so you will be able to enjoy your BONE Structure home regardless of what lies ahead. Our designs often require no interior load-bearing walls (so no limitations), which means a BONE Structure home is infinitely adaptable and reconfigurable.



The BONE Structure steel components are manufactured with the same technology used to machine parts for aircrafts and automobiles. From manufacturing to assembly, and onward through its lifespan, the steel frame of your home will never bend, buckle or crumble, and can never be damaged by mold or termites.


Net-zero energy home, powered 100% by clean and sustainable electricity.


A 15 kW solar panel system installed on the roof powers the home.


Tesla Powerwall units provide energy storage and will eventually help take the home off-grid.


Built on two floors, the home features 3200 sq. ft. of living space and a 500 sq. ft. garage.


Ceiling height on the main floor is 12 ft. finished and almost 10 ft. on the second floor.

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