Project 14-475 | Bâton Rouge Restaurant

Canada | Quebec | Boisbriand | 2014

The challenge we faced when we took on this unusual project was to create a unique street-front patio for a small restaurant in a shopping centre. The design had to blend with the restaurant itself and the small space available.

But where the BONE Structure system really shone with this project was the requirement that the assembly had to literally take just a few hours, since every business day lost in the restaurant trade is extremely costly. Our solution was an exposed structure and treated wood panels that form a low-cost industrial-style structure which can be taken down every winter.

“I read a magazine and saw a picture of one of their homes. It was love at first sight. I like ultramodern style, and I wanted an all-glass house because my property is on a lake. A week later, I was at a client’s home. She and her husband were rebuilding their cottage and her husband, who is an engineer, recommended BONE Structure. They showed me their website, and I called BONE Structure the next day.” – Client

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