Project 13-414 | Brasseur de Montréal Brewing Co.

Canada | Quebec | Montréal | 2013

The owners of this microbrewery-restaurant in one of Montreal’s hippest downtown districts wanted to expand their floor space and add a patio. Using BONE Structure technology, part of the outdoor patio was closed in to expand the restaurant by 2,000 square feet, doubling its capacity with seating for 85 extra diners.

The resulting addition features an urban esthetic that fits perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood’s post-industrial chic. An impressive black steel awning and exposed mechanics attract the restaurant’s urban clientele while creating a light, welcoming space for after-work drinks. And it was all built in just two days while the restaurant stayed open, with no dust or waste!

“I read a magazine and saw a picture of one of their homes. It was love at first sight. I like ultramodern style, and I wanted an all-glass house because my property is on a lake. A week later, I was at a client’s home. She and her husband were rebuilding their cottage and her husband, who is an engineer, recommended BONE Structure. They showed me their website, and I called BONE Structure the next day.” – Client

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