Project 13-386 | Lac-Mégantic’s Musi-Café

Canada | Quebec | Lac-Mégantic | 2013

The new Musi-Café occupies an area of 4500 square feet in the building of 6000 square feet on two floors built at the corner of Papineau and Komery. It includes 150 seats inside, a main terrace of 70 seats overlooking the Chaudière River and another 35 to 40 seats overlooking the city center.

As a symbolic gesture in memory of the victims of the tragedy of July 6, 2013, those present at the press conference on May 13, 2014 announcing the reconstruction of the Musi-Café could register a personal word on one of the beams of the new building which is now exhibited inside the resto-bar.

“I read a magazine and saw a picture of one of their homes. It was love at first sight. I like ultramodern style, and I wanted an all-glass house because my property is on a lake. A week later, I was at a client’s home. She and her husband were rebuilding their cottage and her husband, who is an engineer, recommended BONE Structure. They showed me their website, and I called BONE Structure the next day.” – Client

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