Project 11-126 | Car Wash

Canada | Quebec | Magog | 2011

A smart car wash that recycles up to 95% of the 300 liters of water wasted by a conventional car wash proved to be a perfect fit for BONE Structure’s environmentally friendly light steel construction system. With no on-site cutting of building materials (therefore no waste) the car wash in Magog, QC was assembled quickly and easily in just a few days.

The structure’s pre-cut openings allowed for fast installation of the mechanical and utility components, resulting in a cool commercial concept that was open for business in a flash. Even better, the environmental impact was minimized from day one on-site, and will continue throughout the lifetime of the car wash.

“I read a magazine and saw a picture of one of their homes. It was love at first sight. I like ultramodern style, and I wanted an all-glass house because my property is on a lake. A week later, I was at a client’s home. She and her husband were rebuilding their cottage and her husband, who is an engineer, recommended BONE Structure. They showed me their website, and I called BONE Structure the next day.” – Client

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