Project 10-041

Canada | Quebec | Eastern Townships | 2010

Located in Sutton at the bottom of the mountain, this home of 2825 sq.ft. features 4 rooms, 1 office, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms and 1 laundry room, as well as large open areas and high ceilings in the kitchen and dining room.

The many wide windows are offering breathtaking views on the surrounding nature and a lot of natural light throughout the day.  Clean lines and some materials like stone, wood and other natural finishes are adding to the comfort and to the contemporary look of this two story country home.

“I read a magazine and saw a picture of one of their homes. It was love at first sight. I like ultramodern style, and I wanted an all-glass house because my property is on a lake. A week later, I was at a client’s home. She and her husband were rebuilding their cottage and her husband, who is an engineer, recommended BONE Structure. They showed me their website, and I called BONE Structure the next day.” – Client

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