New Classic 13 – Back

This inspiration has been designed for an urban or smaller country setting in a lot size usually around 50 feet long. There is a main open-plan living space with a garage attached. The model’s large windows maximize natural light and enhance the feeling of interior space. Its dark grey steel with reddish wood planks for the facade give it an urban feel that is also reminiscent of a barn-style country home.

This 25-foot wide house has a double-height space at the rear and a basement with 2 rooms and a family room. The ground floor features a closed office, while the master bedroom has a large bathroom and walk-in closet, plus a glass wall that overlook the double-height space. The simplicity of the roof and upper-level wall materials, in addition to the sharpness of the edges make the New Classic 13 model particularly modern yet embedded within the collection.