The first BONE Structure home in Niagara

August 2015,

A few days ago, I attended the open house for Niagara-on-the-Lake’s first BONE Structure home. The waterfront home, located next to the Niagara-on-the-Lake golf course, is making noise among the building community in the Region and for good reason. BONE Structure is an extremely smart and precise way to assemble a home. Using a patented steel structure system, machined with the same technology used for aircrafts and automobiles, BONE Structure eliminates the building process and instead allows workers to assemble a solid, high performance home.


Niagara-on-the-Lake’s BONE Structure Home

The homeowner hired St. Catharines based construction firm Konsept to assemble Niagara’s first BONE Structure home. The company is known for developing unique luxury residential and commercial spaces and recently became an authorized BONE Structure Technology builder, the only one within Niagara. The home is flipped, what traditionally functions as a main floor space is located on the second floor while the bedrooms are located on the first. The master suite, dining room, living room and kitchen offer uninterrupted views of Lake Ontario and a large rooftop terrace offers additional outdoor space above the garage.

BONE Structure for Commercial Application

In having a conversation with one of the BONE Structure VP’s, I learned how a McDonald’s franchise used the technology to realise profits sooner. The 3,200 sq. ft. Mirabel, Quebec franchise was completed 7 weeks earlier than a typical build, which translated to an estimated 7 weeks of additional business or about $2.1 million in sales that the store would otherwise not be able to realise. Using a crew of 5 men, 1000 sq. ft. of the structure can be assembled in a day. This means major implications for commercial; the ability to complete projects faster, means more sales, means everybody’s happy.


BONE Structure Technology

The BONE Structure technology relies on 11 gauge galvanized steel pieces, the strength and design of these pieces support the construction of rooms up to 25 feet wide without the requirement of interior walls. The Integrated Measuring System (IMS) technology allows for precision cutting and fitting and their patented XYZ BONE Ankle System allows the structure to anchor to any foundation. Architects can then design homes with large open space floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows and the ability to modify windows, exteriors and internal walls under future circumstances.

The solid steel structure provides the ultimate in safe homes, as steel is non-porous and strong enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The ability to add finishings to the home are not hindered by the steel design, they can range from wood to aluminum and stone to brick, whatever the homeowner envisions.

To finish a BONE Structure home extreme insulation technology is installed. The Type II expanded polystyrene insulation boards and 2.5” soy-based polyurethane spray foam allows homeowners to save up to 90% in cooling and heating costs in comparison to traditionally built homes.

The Highlights of the Project:

  • No waste during the build, everything is made to order and basically clicks together like K’nex

  • Quicker builds, meaning reduced labour costs

  • It is more expensive material and you’re paying for the patented technology, works out to about $250 per sq. ft. for residential

  • Very high efficiency

  • Easy to modify the interior once it’s built

  • No issues with wood to worry about going forward, for example, wood rot

BOTTOM LINE: The construction of buildings continues to evolve. SOURCE:

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