Project 14-513

Project 14-513 In Rivière-Beaudette By BONE Structure

May 25, 2016,

Lakefront view anyone?

Under the creative initiative of BONE Structure, project 14-513 was built overlooking the gorgeous views and sunsets of Lake St-Francois in Quebec- the perfect setting to escape a hectic lifestyle, and submerge oneself in complete and utter calmness.

The project’s design takes on a unique combination of elements: The shapes and forms are sleek and modernist, and are brought to life by the rich natural woods (and stones), which are reminiscent of Frank Lloyd-Wright‘s home designs.

The main living area is an open concept of comforts and luxuries. Personally, I find the strong attention to detail as satisfying as it is impressive.

Project 14-513

Encased in minimalist metal and glass, the centrepiece features a fireplace, creating a lovely social area for groups and gatherings. The live-edge table both contrasts and accentuates the simpler ornamentation in the space, while still retaining the subtlety and cohesion of the room in a holistic context.

The proximity of the lot to the abundant natural light over the water is captured by the sophisticated, yet simple steel-framed windows which are purposefully distributed along the back façade.

Naturally, the surrounding scenery strongly calls for an outdoor yard space, or at least a balcony – both of which can be found facing the lakeshore.

Project 14-513

The second storey mainly comprises of the bedroom, and the extended wooden patio, which wraps around the bedroom windows. Held up by black steel, the space manages to capture a certain industrial, almost gritty aesthetic, whilst still retaining the subtle class and elegance of the home.

Even the fence surrounding the lot appears as a seamless, natural extension of the residence – something that I often find lacking when it comes to fences, and other exterior elements. The key word in this home design is most definitely cohesion.

Project 14-513

This project not only serves as a residence anyone would be proud to enjoy, but also as an example of brilliant architecture. The organization of spaces, objects, and materials speak volumes of careful planning and attentive design.

We’re fans of BONE Structure, having written about the benefits of steel construction in this past post called Steel Framed Homes By Montreal’s BONE Structure.

And for more projects, check out BONE Structure’s portfolio page.

Researched and Written by Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman, Undergraduate Environmental Design, OCAD University
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