BONE Structure launches the New OS Collection

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA – June 7th, 2019 — BONE Structure®, Canadian designer and builder of luxury custom homes, using a proprietary patented light steel frame building technology, launches a new collection of modern homes, introducing the OS Collection.

“We are very excited to release the OS Collection, which enables us to fast track the building process for families that wish to, or have to, build or rebuild on a shorter timeline. Some of our clients wish to move faster; in California and Western Canada some of our clients have lost their homes in wildfires. This is for them, so they can capture the spirit of a custom home experience without having to make one thousand decisions along the way. We evaluate the designs for their specific building lot, we obtain the building permits and offer them a turnkey home: everything is streamlined. Our Architectural Design team has carefully crafted this series of energy efficient homes with a minimalistic approach that merges interior and exterior elements to create a well-integrated living environment.”

– Marc BOVET, Founder, CEO of BONE Structure

A perfect balance of simplicity, geometric elements and comfort: the OS Collection evokes equilibrium, comfort and living in the moment. Inspired by the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, the OS home designs are meant to be shared with loved ones, friends and favorite things in a simple, bright aesthetic. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!


The OS Collection represents 6 optimal home design, preconfigured for your lifestyle. The collection proposes comfort and coziness through living spaces that shift the modern lifestyle paradigm. These open interiors invite you to slow down, to live in the moment, and to enjoy the comfort, security and simplicity of a home built exclusively around you and your family. Each of the home models in the OS Collection is optimized around daily activities, and puts emphasis on the interior and exterior spaces that bring families and friends together: the breakfast nook and dining room, the living room, the interior courtyard.

As leaders in sustainable construction, BONE Structure took the One Size approach and focused on key design parameters: create a home that responds to individual lifestyles, reduces the construction timeline, and is offered at a lower price point than a custom home without any sacrifices. Optimizing for daily activities allowed BONE Structure to maximize living space without increasing the overall footprint. These home feel larger because of it. The 6 proposed model homes vary in size, from 1705 sq. ft. to 2635 sq. ft. BONE Structure is currently offering the pre-designed homes in Ontario, Quebec and California and will be expanding to other markets.

View the OS Collection here!

ABOUT BONE Structure

Founded in 2005 by President Marc A. Bovet in Laval, Quebec, Canada, out of a frustrating personal construction experience, BONE Structure has patented, in 25 countries, an optimized energy efficient building structure technology that combines aesthetics, flexibility, efficiency, and respect for the environment. It specializes in the design, development and commercialization of technologies for residential and light commercial construction. BONE Structure employs more than sixty professionals in Laval, QC and San Francisco, CA architects, technologists, engineers, and urban planners and has integrated expertise to provide an unmatched one-stop-shop client experience. The company also collaborates with architectural firms and other outside professionals across Canada and California. BONE Structure is attracting the industry’s best general and specialized contractors, project managers, and developers who also share the company’s corporate values of Respect, Transparency, Loyalty, Security and Fun. BONE Structure is a member of the NAHB in the U.S. and other builder associations across Canada. It has also received a number of awards throughout the years for innovation, architecture, sustainability and process.

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