First BONE Structure Development in the Eastern United-States

Innovation and Sustainable Construction Arrives to Catskills, New York

CATSKILL, NEW YORK – Thursday, October 11th – WILDER Group has selected to build their 14-luxury home community at the foot of the Windham Mountain Resort with BONE Structure’s proprietary patented light steel frame building technology.

Wilder Development

The Wilder Development is situated in the town of Windham, New York, in the Great Northern Catskill Mountains. The wilderness of the Catskills, one of America’s oldest and most celebrated regions of preserved lands, serves as inspiration for the intelligence of this unique development. In a new wave of luxury, fourteen sophisticated, highly efficient properties are designed to incorporate their natural settings. Life in a WILDER home evokes mindfulness in the daily routine and awakens truthfulness in living. This new community will offer New Classic contemporary designs, modern handcrafted interiors, while utilizing the precision and innovation of BONE Structure technology.

“Meticulously designed to frame their natural settings, the WILDER community delivers luxury, function and an unparalleled outdoor lifestyle. WILDER has partnered with BONE Structure to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and to deliver a higher standard of quality within our net zero homes.”

Kyle BYRNE Wilder Group

The development project is set to begin construction of its first model home to Fall 2018. Three base models are available, varying in sizes from 1,800 sq.ft. to 4,000 sq.ft. with a starting price of $900,000.00. A custom offering will also be made available for the most distinguished client. All homes are currently open for pre-sales, while leaving the client an opportunity to customize the interior layout and finishes.

All BONE Structure homes are designed and assembled using a patented steel construction technology inspired by the aerospace industry. Energy efficient, BONE Structure homes have a polyurethane thermal envelope that provides ultimate comfort to its occupants. Home owners will save up to 90% on energy costs for heating and cooling. No mold, no moisture and no premature deterioration of materials, the homes are beautiful, healthy, solid and contemporary, offering open-concept living spaces without load bearing walls and large windows that let in natural light. Built on BONE Structure’s incomparable thermal envelope, all homes are Net Zero Ready, meaning that with complementary renewable energy systems, the annual total cost of energy could be zero dollars.

About WILDER Group

WILDER Group is an ensemble of experienced professionals consisting of engineers, designers, craftsman, builders, and ecosystem-based land managers. This group has been selected specifically to make the clients experience clean, clear, and concise. Our philosophy is to envision, design, build and manage both the natural and built environments with the intent to create timeless and holistic living experiences for generations to come.

About BONE Structure

Founded in 2005 by President Marc A. Bovet in Laval, Quebec, Canada, out of a frustrating personal construction experience, BONE Structure has patented, in 42 countries, a technology that combines aesthetics, flexibility, efficiency, and respect for the environment. It specializes in the design, development and commercialization of technologies for residential and light commercial construction. BONE Structure employs more than sixty professionals, architects, technologists, engineers, and urban planners and has integrated expertise to provide an unmatched one-stop-shop client experience. The company also collaborates with architectural firms and other outside professionals across Canada and California. BONE Structure is attracting the industry’s best general and specialized contractors, project managers, and developers who also share the company’s corporate values of Respect, Transparency, Loyalty, Security and Fun. BONE Structure is a member of builder associations across Canada and the NAHB in the U.S. It has also received a number of awards throughout the years for innovation, architecture, sustainability and process.

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