BONE Structure homes built in Niagara

August 2015, CHCH

A new kind of home has been built in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The house was built using “BONE Structure Technology”, inspired by a combination of Lego and Meccano.

The pieces are literally snapped together. Instead of a traditional wood frame, builders use a recycled steel frame.


BONE Structure co-founder Marc Bovet says the products may cost more, about $250 per square foot, but it will save money down the road.

“Our system enables there to be no interior low bearing walls so you can basically redistribute. So when your kids are 28 and move out, you can tear down their bedroom walls, and when they come back at the age of 32 you can put them back up. When they come back with triplets you can punch out some new doors and windows on the outside walls with ease of making it happen. These houses are very energy efficient, you will save up to 90 percent in terms of your heating and cooling.”

BONE Structure builds homes across Canada and they have patents in 42 countries.

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