Big, modern, Lego-like homes being “assembled” in Clarington

Northumberland News | Septembre 2018

Futuristic steel-frame design means less waste, more energy efficient and larger windows

NEWTONVILLE — At the very eastern edge of Durham Region, 28 luxury homes are being built with a futuristic new process that’s kinder to the environment. The massive, modern homes are built with steel pieces manufactured off-site, using a process that is similar to how cars and airplanes are made.

“It allows us to assemble homes, not build homes,” said Marc A. Bovet, CEO of Bone Structure.

The home frames are made of all-Canadian steel, 89 per cent of which is recycled steel. No wood cutting on-site, means no wood scrap. That’s estimated to save approximately 10 dumpsters of waste per home during the construction process, according to Bovet.

“There’s no garbage, no garbage containers here,” said Bovet. “It’s like if you get kids to play with playdough, there’s a mess. You get them playing with Lego and they’re all little Einsteins.”

The Newtonville neighbourhood, on Jones Avenue close to the Highway 401 on-ramp, is being built by local developer Fourteen Estates (headquartered in Scugog) and uses the steel construction design of Bone Structure, a Quebec company.

Homebuyers can choose one of the six possible Bone Structure models, ranging from 1,800 square foot to 3,500 square feet. Prices start at $1.3 million. Five of the models are two storeys and one is a bungalow.

“Which is very large and very unheard of in the subdivision world. Every model can fit on every lot. We have a lot of freedom here,” said Shawn Rondeau, vice-president of Fourteen Estates.

With two coats of insulation (a soya based polyurethane), the homes are much more energy efficient. That could save residents up to 90 per cent on heating and cooling costs.

“If you were to just add some solar panels you’d produce as much energy as the home would consume,” said Stefan Belina, director of sale and marketing for Bone Structure.

Since the homes are built with steel, there are no interior load-bearing walls. That means there can be larger windows and openings, and remodelling is much simpler.

A new kind of development in Newtonville, 28 luxury modern homes are being built using the BONE Structure technology. This new community will offer contemporary designs, modern interiors and clean lines, all on oversized lots. Built on energy efficient BONE Structure’s incomparable thermal envelope, all homes are Net Zero Ready. – Sabrina Byrnes/Metroland


“With minivans, the seats go into the floor, you can reconfigure it. With houses you’re stuck. It doesn’t make any sense,” said Bovet

The neighbourhood, named Eden Park, is in progress with two homes under construction and two more breaking ground in October.

“We can build a house two, two-and-a-half months quicker using this technology,” said Rick Rondeau, Fourteen Estates CEO.

Pre-sales of remaining homes are underway. Visit for more information or to book a tour or appointment.


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