BONE Structure & COVID-19: Current Measures in Place

Last Updated: Monday, January 15th 2021


  • Clients

    All in-person meetings are to be performed via Zoom until further notice. BONE Structure will communicate frequently, transparently and openly regarding your projects.

  • Office Status

    Minimal or no physical presence at the BONE Structure office until February 8th, 2021.
    Warehouse and logistics operations are maintained to ensure projects and worksites continue uninterrupted.
    All other operations are fully functional and remote.

  • Workforce

    The majority of our employees are working from home. We expect no delays at the moment in our operations.

  • Projects

    Remote management in place in order to ensure all projects progress well and deadlines are met.

  • Suppliers

    Possible slowdowns by suppliers, associated with reduced staff and availability of materials. Clients will be notified immediately of changes in project schedule, on a case-by-case basis.

Current Information

Our first concern remains everyone’s health and safety. We are monitoring the situation very closely and we will continue to quickly and openly communicate with our clients, collaborators and partners.

In line with recommendations provided by the governments of Quebec and Ontario, as well as the directives issued in California, BONE Structure has adopted a work from home policy. The Laval BONE Structure office is closed to physical presence until February 8th, 2021.

Our operational processes are now remote, fully operational and at full efficiency.

Residential construction has been declared an essential service in all of our markets. Worksites continue uninterrupted.

We are in close communication with our suppliers and monitoring any potential slow-down. Our project managers will be informed of any delay that could impact any projects. We will make sure to communicate this information to our clients as soon as possible.

All meetings scheduled at our offices and all meetings scheduled in person must be done via ZOOM or a similar conferencing application. If this is not possible, these meetings should be postponed.

Download Zoom:

Download Zoom

Our phone line is fully operational. If you are having difficulty reaching BONE Structure by phone, please e-mail

There are currently 0 presumptive or confirmed Covid-19 cases associated with BONE Structure employees or their families.

Please take very good care of yourself, your family and others!

– The BONE Structure Team