L’ossature d’acier supplantera-t-elle la structure de bois ?

September 2015, CASA

Actuellement, moins d’un pour cent des nouvelles résidences sont construites avec une ossature d’acier. Malgré tout, plusieurs croient que la donne changera d’ici quelques années et que l’ossature d’acier, si elle ne supplante pas la structure de bois, deviendra à tout le moins aussi populaire.

L’usage de l’acier dans la construction n’est pas nouveau. Tous les gratte-ciel sont là pour en témoigner, comme le très célèbre Empire State Buiding de New York construit de janvier 1930 à mai 1931. Mais si l’ossature d’acier a de l’âge dans les secteurs commercial et institutionnel, il en est tout autre dans le résidentiel, du moins ici au Québec, contrairement à l’Europe qui en fait usage depuis belle lurette.

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Skillpoint plans new headquarters in East Austin

September 2015, MY Statesman

Margo Dover didn’t set out to build a new headquarters. She set out to make a statement.

The network of workforce-training and education programs Dover helped build and oversee at Skillpoint Alliance had become increasingly burdensome. With classrooms scattered across Central Texas, the organization’s costs were rising and its mostly low-income students were having a harder time getting to class.

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The first BONE Structure home in Niagara

August 2015, Niagarabuzz.ca

A few days ago, I attended the open house for Niagara-on-the-Lake’s first BONE Structure home. The waterfront home, located next to the Niagara-on-the-Lake golf course, is making noise among the building community in the Region and for good reason. BONE Structure is an extremely smart and precise way to assemble a home. Using a patented steel structure system, machined with the same technology used for aircrafts and automobiles, BONE Structure eliminates the building process and instead allows workers to assemble a solid, high performance home.

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Project 12-267

Steel Framed Homes By Montreal’s BONE Structure

August 2015, Houseporn.ca

Let’s strip off the beautiful facades of our homes, and get right down to its bones! This is what Montreal-based company, BONE Structure, has been doing: they design residential homes and light commercial buildings made out of steel. This is a unique concept, as most homes in North America are wood-studs, not steel-based. Here are seven benefits why you should consider steel over wood!

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BONE Structure homes built in Niagara

August 2015, CHCH

A new kind of home has been built in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The house was built using “BONE Structure Technology”, inspired by a combination of Lego and Meccano.

The pieces are literally snapped together. Instead of a traditional wood frame, builders use a recycled steel frame.

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Visitors impressed by new technology

Augusut 2015, Niagara Falls Review

Those who took the tour of the house in Niagara-on-the-Lake that is being built using BONE structure technology seem to like it.

However, some local residents feel it just doesn’t fit in with what currently exists in the historic town, and we will be hearing more about their specific concerns in the near future.

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New way to build a home

August 2015, Niagara Falls Review

It’s the first home of this kind to be built in the Niagara Region and it’s being constructed on waterfront property in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

It is using Bone Structure technology, something that was inspired from a combination of LEGO and Meccano, where pieces are simply snapped together.

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Company uses steel instead of wood to frame homes

July 2015, CTV News Saskatoon

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Steel Structure

Modular Homebuilding: A Game Changer

July 2015, The Star Phoenix

About 10 years ago, Marc Bovet decided to renovate a house in Montreal. It didn’t go well.

“What happens is that, even though we planned everything, I ended up in a hotel room with my wife and four kids – the usual story,” the former aerospace executive explained.

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First BONE Structure home in Saskatoon

July 2015, Global News

Saskatoon has its first BONE Structure home. Meaghan Craig gets a sneak peek and gets details on what makes this house unique.

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