A BONE Structure Home in TIME Magazine

March 21, 2019 — Mark Jacobson’s BONE Structure Home was featured in a TIME article about the Green New Deal.

Talking about his BONE Structure Home, Jacobson says: “It has solar panels on the roof, there are batteries in the garage. It’s all electric, no gas on the property”.
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How the Green New Deal Is Forcing Politicians to Finally Address Climate Change

When a group of more than 20 protesters showed up in the halls of the U.S. Senate on a recent February day, they would have been forgiven for expecting a chilly reception. For the past seven months, sit-ins at a range of offices–from California Governor Jerry Brown’s to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s–had followed a similar pattern: show up, sing songs, get led away in handcuffs for disrupting the peace. But on that particular Wednesday, things were different.

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Hidden Gem by Atelier Cachet winner at The Design Awards 2018

Designed by architect Roch Bélair and designer Nathalie Tremblay of Atelier Cachet, this family retreat on Ramsey Lake in Sudbury, Ontario is the winner of the Living Space Global Award, part of The International Design Awards 2018. This home echoes a boutique hotel in its design, with a large living room organized around an asymmetrical marble fireplace and stone wall. The open floor plans connects the room together and creates an ideal setting for family gatherings and entertaining friends.

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Futuristic homes have good bones

Innovative steel home assembly process delivers precision, high efficiency

A Quebec company is transforming the home building industry, one set of ‘bones’ at a time. BONE Structure, the brainchild of former Bombardier executive Marc Bovet, is finding a receptive market for its patented steel construction technology that enables energy efficient residential homes to be assembled with precision.

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First BONE Structure Development in the Eastern United-States

Innovation and Sustainable Construction Arrives to Catskills, New York

CATSKILL, NEW YORK – Thursday, October 11th – WILDER Group has selected to build their 14-luxury home community at the foot of the Windham Mountain Resort with BONE Structure’s proprietary patented light steel frame building technology.

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Big, modern, Lego-like homes being “assembled” in Clarington

Northumberland News | Septembre 2018

Futuristic steel-frame design means less waste, more energy efficient and larger windows

NEWTONVILLE — At the very eastern edge of Durham Region, 28 luxury homes are being built with a futuristic new process that’s kinder to the environment. The massive, modern homes are built with steel pieces manufactured off-site, using a process that is similar to how cars and airplanes are made.

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Bringing EV charging to the home of the future

FLO becomes the official charging station of BONE Structure

LAVAL, September 26, 2018 — FLO and BONE Structure are proud to announce a new partnership to bring electric vehicle charging to the home of the future. FLO Home has been selected by BONE Structure to be the official charging station of their homes.

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Revolutionizing the housing game

The Oshawa Express | Septembre 2018

Marc Bovet of BONE Structure has teamed up with Rick and Shawn Rondeau of Fourteen Estates to bring a new breed of home to Durham Region.

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From the Architectural Point of View 2018 – Dwell On Design

Studio B Style | May 2018


The first I’d heard Takashi Yanai’s name was in Minnesota. Someone mentioned his name to me and spelled it out so I could look it up. His work is forward thinking and very inspiring. It’s modern and warm at the same time – a mix between contemporary and urban organic styles.

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Bridge House

The Architect’s Newspaper | April 2018

Half a block south of Los Angeles’s ritzy Hancock Park neighbourhood, a secret underground stream that draws its water from the mountains of Griffith Park runs across the backyards of several unassuming homes. On a quizzical block where each house provides a corresponding bridge to span the stream, Los Angeles-based architect Dan Brunn is busy erecting a 200-foot-long house that doubles as its own bridge.

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Un Meccano pour grands qui voient grand

Magazine Forces | March 2018

Ouvrant des possibilités jusque-là inimaginables, l’entreprise lavalloise BONE Structure a conçu une armature en acier léger, sans murs porteurs, ce qui ouvre l’espace et la possibilité de fenêtres immenses pour accueillir la lumière. De quoi faire rêver les bâtisseurs de cathédrales !

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