Construction demolition waste

Why the home building industry doesn’t care about energy efficiency or waste

In general, most large conventional homebuilders build to code and no more. In most states, building to code means the home won’t fall down, but this is not the same thing as being excellent. In fact, it means that most homes are only built to the very minimum standard required by law.

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Gregory Peck | The Alliance to Save Energy even went so far as to hire Gregory Peck in an effort to make a 1979 public service announcement on energy efficiency more appealing.

How Building in California is Different

Everyone knows California is a little different than the rest of the United States. Some people take great inspiration from that fact, and others fear it.

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Nest Protect

Home Automation Devices your House is Craving

Home automation tools used to control everyday items around the house with your phone are making serious headway in the modern housing market. Having a sleek, attractive house only increases in its allure with what today’s technology has to offer.

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Lost Lake Passive House (Whistler, British Columbia)

5 Canadian Winter-Ready Homes

If there is anything Canada is more famous for than its maple syrup, it’s the frigid winters that chill the country from coast to coast. All homes built in Canada are done with the knowledge that they must be able to withstand winter’s chill as well as summer’s heat. Constructing a home in Canada is a unique challenge that is often overcome by ensuring that the home is insulated beyond the standards set out in the National Building Code of Canada. Read below to get inspired by these Canadian homes and how their owners decided to take on the chill of winter!

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Floor plans

7 Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Floor Plan

The perfect floor plan is not an easy task to accomplish – families are dynamics, and how we interact with our space changes a little year by year. Though the dimensions of a floor plan may be set in stone, how we play within this outline is variable. Read more for tips on how to optimize and design a floor plan that fits your needs!

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Solar panels on a BONE Structure Net Zero Home

What You Need to Know About Passive Homes

Saving money on energy bills has never been easier than with the rigorous standards and concepts presented by Passive Houses. The Passive House was introduced in 1991 by Dr. Feist in Germany and is a concept used more and more commonly in construction of homes and buildings today.

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Architect or builder, who should built your new home?

Should You Hire an Architect or a Custom Builder to Build your Next Home?

After answering the obvious question of whether you want a custom home or not (the answer should be yes) it is important to think about how you want your custom home to be built.

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Project 15-621

Benefits of Net Zero Energy Homes

Net Zero Energy homes – words you are sure to have heard in combination, but what does it mean?

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5 Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

5 Energy Efficient Prefab Homes

The words “modular” and “modern” are two words that have never preceded each other in the past, but are now finally starting to make headway in the custom build modern housing market.

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10 Modern Home Designs to Inspire

Minimalistic, flooded with natural light and functionality are the three keys to any modern home. These homes have consistent design aspects, such as an extreme aversion to pitched roofs, straight lines on the exterior and large windows. They are inspired by the need to be functional. They are also notorious for making great use of the surrounding environment and how they use natural sunlight to their benefit. Each room is designed with a distinct purpose and no space is considered wasted in a modern home.

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