Innovative construction techniques for faster, more efficient and resilient building.

Construction methods have witnessed an incredible transformation since the rise of the earliest structures centuries ago. With advances in technology and materials, today’s construction industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the growing demands for faster, more efficient and resilient buildings. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most innovative construction techniques and inspiring methods that are propelling the industry forward. 

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Poetry in motion

How the Pandemic Made Us Rethink Functionality in the Modern Home

 The last two years have reshaped how we operate as a society. While much of normal life has returned in 2022, some aspects of daily life have been forever altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid hasn’t just affected the way people commute, work, and recreate, it has also shifted our values. For many, the pandemic brought healthy living back to the top of their priority list. While Covid locked us in our homes for weeks or months at a time, it allowed our minds to wander beyond our previous notions of what was possible. Suddenly, the collective will to live intentionally and spend our time wisely outgrew the urge to partake in the traditional work-life model. By 2021, companies saw large numbers of employees opting to continue working remotely. When that wasn’t an option, many chose to shift to careers offering a better work-life balance in what has been dubbed “the Great Resignation.” According to architect Alexandra Manacas, “architects are incorporating the renewed focus on healthy living that was born out of the pandemic into their designs.” This shift in values didn’t just affect how we live, but where we live. Suddenly, multifunctional spaces, dedicated home offices, and designs that connect us to nature are in high demand.

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BONE Structure Project 16-708

Prefab Fabulous!

Anders Lasater designs a marvel of modular steel in North Laguna

Tim Kippen and Ileana Frómeta Grillo love living in Laguna Beach. But, after years as locals, the couple didn’t think they’d be able to stay in the seaside city. Buying a house seemed out of reach, so they faced a move inland to find more affordable real estate. Aliso Viejo, maybe?

Then, something unheard of happened: They discovered a hidden gem of a property on PCH in North Laguna. With two apartments above and commercial space on the main floor, it wasn’t listed for sale as residential real estate, so few knew about it. And it was within their budget.

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Bridge House featured in the Los Angeles Times

He built his 20-foot-wide house over a secret brook in the middle of L.A.

Hidden in Mid-Wilshire is an enchanting eight-street enclave called Brookside. True to its name, the tree-lined community is set apart by the flowing water feature that runs from the Hollywood Hills through the neighborhood and out to Ballona Creek. While most of the classical homes in this neighborhood celebrate the creek with garden features and backyard bridges, architect Dan Brunn chose to do something radically different.

He built his home over the brook.

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BONE Structure | Dan Brunn Architecture - Bridge House

Bridge House by architect Dan Brunn straddles natural stream in Los Angeles

Bridge House by Dan Brunn Architecture

The Bridge House is located on a one-third acre property in the city’s Brookside neighbourhood, which dates to the 1920s.

Architect Dan Brunn, who leads an eponymous LA studio, designed the 4,500-square-foot (418-square-metre) house to serve as his full-time residence and a “demonstration of innovative systems and forward-thinking processes”.

Rectangular in plan, the home is 20 feet wide by 210 feet long (six by 64 metres). A large portion of the dwelling, measuring 65 feet (20 metres) in length, bridges a natural stream, giving the house its name.

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BONE OS Collection Houses | Uncrate

Uncrate | August, 2019

Combining Mies van der Rohe’s “less is more” mantra and the basics of Scandinavian design, the Bone OS Collection Houses offer six ready-to-build designs to compliment every lifestyle.

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The New OS Collection featured in Sharp magazine

These Pre-Configured Luxury Homes May Be the Ultimate Summer Flex

By Jon Law, Sharp Magazine – July 12th, 2019 

Got some spare money kicking around and want to flex on your friends this summer? Most folks might splurge on a nice new BBQ or a pool, but we’ve got a better idea: get yourself a brand-new luxury home built unfathomably fast!

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Bringing EV charging to the home of the future

FLO becomes the official charging station of BONE Structure

LAVAL, September 26, 2018 — FLO and BONE Structure are proud to announce a new partnership to bring electric vehicle charging to the home of the future. FLO Home has been selected by BONE Structure to be the official charging station of their homes.

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How to stop condensation on windows

Condensation on windows is a common phenomenon that occurs in many homes. Many think it’s caused by the quality of windows, but this is not the only factor that explains the problem.

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