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Custom Homes

Since 2016, BONE Structure® has completed numerous projects in California, from San Francisco and the Bay Area to Los Angeles. We currently have a growing number of BONE Structure projects in these areas, and we continue to expand in the North Bay and Malibu, where we are assisting with the rebuilding efforts. Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming events, exclusive projects and an ever growing portfolio of energy efficient homes in your region.

Patented Technology

With a Net Zero Energy Ready thermal envelope, an integrated design process and a team of experts offering in-house and turnkey services, BONE Structure is leading the transition to sustainable construction. From interior design, to energy simulations and structural analysis: we have the expertise you are looking for.


The BONE Structure® steel construction technology combines the advantages of a post-and-beam structure with an integrated energy efficient solution for the thermal envelope, minimizing waste and creating a structure that cannot be damaged by to mold, rot or termites.


BONE Structure Homes can reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 90% when compared to a traditional house. In addition, BONE Structure’s integrated design evaluates your energy requirements at the design stage, and ensures a seamless integration with your chosen energy systems.


At BONE Structure, we believe you should be in complete control when it comes to your home. This is why we work very closely with you to make the entire process as seamless and transparent as possible.  We set a precise timeline and progress with efficiency until the day you move in.

Join our Palo Alto Information Session

Join our team of experts and learn more about building Net Zero energy homes using the BONE Structure construction system. This is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the building process or your particular project.


Palo Alto, California
Thursday, December 5th 2019 at 7:00 PM
Doors open at 6:30 PM

Join BONE Structure’s team of experts and learn about the features and advantages of the BONE Structure patented steel technology. Discover the process of building a high-performance home in California, from design and permits to construction and finishing.

What to expect?

– Meet the Team – Great time to talk about your project!
– 60 minutes presentation of the BONE Structure construction system and process, followed by Q&A

Build With Your Local Team

With an office in San Francisco, BONE Structure is an established technology provider working in partnership with local builders, architects and trades. BONE Structure homes can easily reach Net Zero energy efficiency, and provide long lasting benefits such as superior resistance to earthquakes, mold and termites.


Building permits, seismic load analysis, local regulations and best-practices: the BONE Structure team has the expertise to manage and advance your project with speed.


Your architect and builder can easily design and build with BONE Structure, so you can entrust your home to your local team, and maintain full control over all aspects of the building process.


Our local architects, engineers and builders are ready to take charge of the project and see it built from A to Z, should you wish to rely on our team for a turnkey home.

Construction Timeline

Relying on BONE Structure’s integrated services can significantly speed up the construction process: our architectural design, interior design, engineering and project management teams all work in tandem to seamlessly advance your project. Here are the first steps of a typical timeline, for a custom home built in California.

Fire Resistance

BONE Structure homes are built with a patented steel structure system, and insulated with a combination of rigid and spray foam insulation. Several design features of BONE Structure homes provide fire resistance advantages, and can help reduce the risk of fire.


Steel, the main structural component in BONE Structure homes, is a non-combustible material. It therefore does not burn, nor does it provide an ignition source or add fuel load that would enable a fire to spread or grow.


BONE Structure Homes are designed with unventilated attics. The shell is closed all the way to the top layer, with no access to the roof structure from the outside. This reduces the risk of fire propagating via flying embers, a very common occurrence in wildfires.


BONE Structure Homes can be equipped with high performance triple pane windows which resist heat and prevent fire propagation much more efficiently than single or double pane windows.


Closed Cell Spray Foam is used in the walls and roof of a BONE Structure Home. Contrary to popular belief, Spray Foam does not melt but instead creates a char layer protecting from further fire propagation.