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Why a BONE Structure home is the Best Custom Home You Can Give Yourself

Personal projects and overseeing their completion creates a strong sense of pride and ownership for all parties involved. People will choose to build their own homes, as they have previously lived in a home that is no longer serving their specific needs. Generally, their experience with this old home will dictate and inspire the flow and layout for a new home.

Dynamic Families

When building a new home, clients are looking to create a space that they are able to age with and an investment that will benefit them in the long term. Some clients will choose to design homes that contain all necessities on the first floor, in case injuries or age hinders their ability to use stairs. The upper floor rooms would then contain guest bedroom spaces and rooms meant to house family members who return for visits.

Families change over time and it is important for custom home owners to realize that they need a home that has the ability to adapt to these changes – their family will start young, grow up, leave and eventually come back to visit. As a home owner, it is imperative to be ready for all these changes and be aware that you can’t achieve this adaptability any other way than the custom way.

Superior Framing

BONE Structure’s custom homes are incomparable in energy efficiency, design and accurate scheduling, in comparison to the average custom designed home. Because BONE Structure uses custom designed steel pieces to assemble their home, future home owners can choose to customize just about everything. Ceiling heights are no longer limited to 10 feet; clients are now welcome to introduce any ceiling height they desire to their bedrooms and communal living spaces. In addition, BONE Structure can easily create open spaces with no column supports, as no structural support is required up to 25 feet. This allows for a welcoming space that creates a fresh environment that home owners can easily relax in.

Because BONE Structure uses steel to frame its homes, home owners do not have to worry about the possibility of moisture creating a moldy environment, unsafe for their families.  Using steel components also ensures that there are no components cut onsite and no waste. All components of a BONE Structure home are manufactured in the same facilities used by the automotive and aerospace industries, ensuring precision during every stage of the BONE Structure home assembly process. All components have a specific purpose and are guaranteed to be used in the home.

Energy Advantages

In addition to its building and structural advantages, BONE Structure homes offer superior energy efficient solutions. Due to the spray-foam insulation used in the home, the building envelope is perfectly sealed. When comparing an average custom designed home and a BONE Structure home’s energy bill, the BONE Structure home owner can save up to 90% on cooling and heating costs. This is in part due to the 0.8 air change rate per hour and the 2/8 gear changes installed in the heating units.

Delivering a Custom Home On-Time

In terms of most custom home projects, the schedule is often found to be loose and it is not uncommon for a project to be behind schedule before workers first arrive to the site. BONE Structure’s project management process prioritizes the importance of precision, especially when it concerns the schedule of the project. For example, BONE Structure has designed a 4,000 sq.ft. home that required only 8 months between breaking ground and handing over the keys to a new owner. This benefited the client financially, as they did not have to carry an overhead as long before moving into their dream home.

Due to the aerospace styled manufacturing process, doors and windows are able to be ordered at the same time as the steel frame. Looking at the automobile assembly process, one would never complete the chassis of a vehicle and then recalculate the chassis’ measurements once complete, in order to ensure that the proper windows were ordered. Once the chassis is complete, all fixings such as doors and windows are certain to fit due to the care that is involved in the design of the product. With a building so precisely designed, there is nothing that won’t fit, if it was designed that way. Each material arriving on site has a distinct purpose and destination. BONE Structure works in a very similar fashion, once the frame of the home is complete, all fixings can squeeze right in where they were destined to be.

Make the Right Choice

Your present and future family are depending on you to make the right choice.  If a home could highlight precision, appealing architecture, energy efficiency and eliminate human health issues, while serving your family, why would you choose to build any other way, but the BONE Structure way? A project manager would be happy to assist you in realizing the dream you’ve been waiting to happen.

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