IF Collection - Model C

Reducing Your Urban Home’s Footprint without Compromising on Design

You’ve purchased a small lot but still want a beautiful and well-lit home. It’s time to ask yourself… “Is this feasible?” Thankfully, BONE Structure has all the solutions for your Infill project.

The company has recently introduced an Infill collection optimizes space for urban lots with open-concept and minimalistic design.

Maintaining Privacy

Life in the city can be described in two words: trendy and compact. Your neighbours are more than likely to be a stone throw away from your front steps, which can compromise the feeling of privacy in heavily populated areas.

However, this does not have to be the case.

The Infill collection by BONE Structure looks to design narrow homes for smaller lots while taking full advantage of natural light. Key features include open stairs and outdoor accessories that are able to provide an immediate oasis from the city noise.  All models contain 3-4 bedrooms and enough room for you and your family to play, live, relax and eat in.

You can’t find what you’re looking for? Not to worry, you can custom design your very own Infill home thanks to the architectural services offered by BONE Structure.

Low-Impact Construction

In addition to the clean and modern look provided by the Infill collection, they come with the same benefits as all BONE Structure homes. No nails, no cutting, no welding and no waste is produced on a BONE Structure construction site. The most disruptive sound that will be heard on the lot of your future home is that of a hand drill. This ensures that the construction site will be so quiet that your neighbours won’t realize that a new home is being built just outside their front door.

Resale Value

The benefits of building a heat-efficient, modern and space efficient home extend throughout the entirety of its life. The unique technologies incorporated in the design of your BONE Structure home increases your home’s resale value, especially given the current nature of the housing market. Cities are constantly expanding and attracting families due to the density of employment opportunities, ease of accessibility to businesses and vast availability of lifestyle options.  The average price of a home in Toronto and Vancouver has been rapidly rising since 2001 and there is no evidence of it peaking any time soon. The sooner you invest in your personalized urban paradise, the sooner and greater the future return on your home will be.

Renovation Ease

If you are looking to invest in a BONE Structure home for your family, the luxury of reorganizing and renovating your space has never been easier. BONE Structure homes come with an advantage that most homes do not –  the ability to reconfigure your space at any time. Adding windows, modifying exterior sidings, and moving internal walls are just some of the modifications that can be implemented in your BONE Structure home after its initial construction. Due to BONE Structure’s Integrated Measuring System ™ (IMS) and the mobility of the steel supports, your home is able to be recreated as often as you choose. This creates a dynamic space that can suit the needs of your family as it changes and grows.

Hygiene and Safety

Lastly, the cleanliness that comes with a BONE Structure home is not only evident in its crisp design but as well as in its walls. Using steel components ensures that the home frame will not rot because potential moisture cannot infiltrate the steel. No pests, mold, or infestations will find their way into your home. This ensures that your urban oasis home, with its high resale value and ability to be customized, can safely be passed on to generations of your family.

To summarize, small lots are not a big problem for BONE Structure. The flexibility of the systems allows you to create a happy, healthy and comfortable home with large and bright open spaces to escape the everyday city rush.