Need help with the interior design of your Custom Home?

Dreaming about designing your new custom home?

Deciding on an aesthetic, theme, and layout can be daunting. Luckily, there are numerous resources to help make the process easier before going ahead and hiring a professional interior designer. You can visualize an entire room’s aesthetic on your laptop, mobile device, or tablet, thanks to modern technology.

Here are a few websites and apps to visualize a design concept.



Modsy is a website that allows you to see your ideas in action. You can browse through style ideas and even take a quiz to determine your desired aesthetic. Maybe you like warm, neutral colors with a lot of natural light. Perhaps you want a modern flair or an edgy decor. Perhaps you have no idea! The quiz will help you narrow down choices so it’s easier to make a decision.

Snap photos of the space you’re designing, and the app will upload it and make it interactive. You can pick out different elements and try ideas without even opening a can of paint or assembling furniture. The best part about the app is the shopping feature. Once you design your dream space, you can shop to your heart’s content! You’ll save money by buying what you know you really want, and what works.

Laurel and Wolf

Laurel and Wolf

If you need more guidance from a designer, Laurel and Wolf is the website for you. Fill out information about your space and take the style quiz. You’ll then receive a list of concepts from designers (just like on TV!) Pick the concept you love and the designer that just gets you.

You’ll work one-on-one in a collaborative environment, and then you’ll receive your final design. The easy-to-use “Buy For Me” service makes shopping simple, so you can spend more time loving your new, decorated space.



Need a free solution? Download Homestyler from the App Store or Google Play. This app features 3D models of real furniture in your rooms. You’ll just upload a photo, and then you can try out different light fixtures, rugs, paint colors, and furniture. Browse through the design stream for inspiration and share your designs on Facebook or email for a second opinion.

Homestyler makes the design process fun and interactive. You can browse through the designs of other users and like or follow them. The app includes a database of professional designers to help you turn your dream into reality, or you can purchase your chosen items directly from the app.

Social Media

Need to brainstorm some DIY tricks or innovative solutions? Pinterest has taken the world by storm, and it can be a valuable asset when you’re looking to establish your decor—especially on a budget. Creating themed pinboards allows you to separate items by style, color, price, function, and more.

Virtual “pinning” allows you to do some window shopping before you even get started. You may know you want a big comfy chair, but which one works best with your living room design? Searching for specific elements enables you to shop from the comfort of your home and make important decisions before you invest. Instagram is another great channel for design inspiration.

Apps and websites have revolutionized interior design, and it’s never been easier (or more cost-efficient) to try out ideas before committing to a design. Not everyone has the patience, time or the desire to do it themselves, especially when it involves the entire home. This is when we recommend a BONE Structure professional interior designer to help you. Feel free to contact us for more information about our interior design services. In the meantime, go out there and get inspired!

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