BONE Structure Building System

BONE Structure: A Building System Unlike the Rest

A sweeping wave of green building regulations is making its way across North America, with various states, provinces, cities and municipalities setting dates and targets for Net Zero Energy Efficiency and Zero Waste building requirements. Poised to change the construction industry, these regulations have a profound impact on the way homebuilding is approached, and are catapulting building systems to the forefront.

Long seen as “building alternatives”, system-built technologies (often prefabricated, such as modular, panel, etc.) are ready to fill the gap between current construction standards and the stringent energy efficiency requirements that are being imposed. Each year, construction systems are gaining traction, as they provide many benefits to home owners.

The BONE Structure construction system is unique, thanks primarily to its patented steel structure and high-performance insulation. While the technology shares some similarities with prefabricated systems and the benefits they provide (such as manufactured components), it also provides additional advantages – some of which we are going to cover below.

Quality Control

Unlike traditional construction, the controlled factory settings used by building systems typically provide increased quality control and streamlined building methods, with the manufacturing process varying from company to company.

Key BONE Structure Advantages: Before the manufacturing order is placed, the entire home is assembled virtually on our 3D platform, ensuring a perfect fit on site.

Energy Efficiency

With production focused on a set number of volumes or building elements, system-built homes are generally better insulated and more carefully designed, resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Key BONE Structure Advantages: A combination of expanded polystyrene panels and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation provides airtight homes with wall insulation of at least R28.5 and roof insulation of R53 or higher. Key components reduce thermal bridging to a minimum.

Reduced Waste

Building homes in a factory setting allows for a more efficient use of construction materials and methods, resulting in faster construction times and reduced waste.

BONE Structure Reduced Waste - Building Systems Overview

Key BONE Structure Advantages: BONE Structure components are manufactured in the same factories used by the automotive and aerospace industries, for precise assembly on site. The steel structure contains up 89% recycled steel (which can further be recycled). BONE Structure homes are shipped flat packed and built on site by local labor, as they require no specialized tools or training.

Design Flexibility

System-built homes, while thoughtfully designed, are often limited in design flexibility by a set of volumetric modules or prefabricated components, with most companies offering a certain degree of customization on standard models.

BONE Structure Design Flexibility - Building Systems Overview

Key BONE Structure Advantages: The design process is tightly integrated with the technology: floor-to-ceiling windows, wide open spans and ceiling heights up to 22 ft. are design features available to all BONE Structure custom homes. Because BONE Structure homes are assembled on site, their design can be optimized for lots that are challenging or difficult to access.

While exceptions to these general observations do exist, system-built homes offer significant advantages over traditional construction, and are perfectly placed to meet the growing market demand for energy-efficient housing.