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Would you like to join a team that leads the transition to sustainable construction? Do you relate to values of Respect, Transparency, Loyalty, Security, and Fun? Can you see yourself as a valuable member of the BONE Structure® team? If so, take a look at the opportunities below and apply today!

We are always looking for great talent


The BONE Structure Core values


Honesty in business dealings; knowledge sharing.


Between co-workers, towards clients, external collaborators: (builders, suppliers, business partners) and the environment.


Although we take our job seriously, a sense of humour is part of our culture, and pleasure is an integral part of our daily activities.

BONE Structure Event


Adhering to a strict code of conduct to ensure the safety of all – maintaining the confidentiality associated with intellectual properties.


Advising, assisting, and supporting clients, business partners, suppliers, and co-workers.

Culture & Perks

Create Bonds

More then colleagues: Multiple team building activities, collective garden, dog mascot and more.

Flexible Work Life

We trust you to know your work schedule and work when you are the most productive

Learning & Development

Lunch & learns, training programs, online training: name it and we’ll support you in making it happen.

Collaborator Home Program

We believe everyone should own a BONE Structure home, starting with our closest and brightest. Collaborators get discounted service fees to build their dream sanctuary.

Referral Bonus

Good working relationships are important and key to succeed. We want you to be involved in the team’s growth and share your passion with your network.

Hiring process

  • Review

    Our hiring team reviews each and every resume

  • Phone or Video call

    Candidates are contacted for a 15 minute chat

  • Interview

    We ask you to come to the office and meet with the team so we can get to know you better and vice versa (we are firm believers in two-way interviews).

  • Meet with Management

    Candidates come back for a second interview to meet with the management team

  • Offer

    We make an offer to the person who best fills the job requirements and who embodies our leadership principles.

Leaders at BONE Structure

  • Are selfless

    We act on behalf of the company and seek what is best for BONE Structure, rather than best for only us or our team. We anticipate issues in other departments; we raise flags and are part of the solution. Leaders never say “that’s not my job”, and most importantly, we are ego-less.

  • Are curious and never stop learning

    We never take our knowledge for granted and always seek to improve ourselves. We share this new knowledge with the company and act upon it.

  • Continuously raise the bar

    We insist on high standards and motivate our team to deliver high-quality work. Despite setbacks, we rise to the occasion and never settle. We benchmark ourselves and our team against the best.

  • Have backbone

    We challenge ideas based on data, and don’t compromise for the sake of social cohesion. We’re open to discussion and once a decision is reached, we fully commit to it.

  • Have judgement

    We make wise decisions have the courage to take calculated risks. We have the potential of making decisions on our own without management’s involvement, without putting the company at risk.

  • Are accountable and deliver meaningful results

    We demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon us. We always find a way to make it work creatively and adapt easily.

  • Hire and develop the best

    We recognize talent and help them attain their professional goals. We lead by example and take our coaching role seriously.

Social life at BONE Structure


  • Simply select the job posting (link to job openings) of your choice. You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to fill out the required information to apply and submit your resume and cover letter (Tip: cover letters really do go the extra mile).
  • You will see an on screen confirmation
  • You will receive an email confirmation from Workable
  • Job postings are updated periodically depending on the need. This being said, the recruitment team is active daily.
  • The hiring process usually takes around 20-30 days depending on the position.
  • Our hiring team reviews each and every resume and will contact you for a phone interview within the next week of your application if you have been selected.
  • United States: San Francisco
  • Canada: Laval (outskirts of Montreal)
  • Everywhere in Canada and most of the US.
  • BONE Structure was founded in 2005 by Marc Bovet who became aware of the shortcomings of conventional building techniques. He reasoned that “it’s always been done this way” was a shockingly poor basis for the biggest investment most people will ever make: creating the home they will live in for years.
  • Mr. Marc Bovet; using the experience he acquired in upper management at world-leading aerospace and transportation manufacturer Bombardier, he set about assembling a team of more than sixty engineers, architects, industrial designers, and interior designers to develop the steel construction system behind BONE Structure homes.