Warranties on New Residential Buildings in Canada

When you buy something, be it a household appliance, electronic equipment or a car, you know that you’re protected against manufacturing defects by the manufacturer warranty. But what about when you buy a newly constructed home?

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How to finance the purchase of a home

It’s time! The decision has been made. You won’t be a tenant anymore; you will be the owner of your home. But before becoming an owner, you need to be able to finance the purchase of a home, whether it’s a house or a condominium.

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What is a home construction loan and how to get one.

Financing the construction of a new home differs from that of buying an existing home, and can be a more rigorous process for the home-building client.

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Great habits to save money at home

10 tips for saving money at home

Regular running costs of a house can add up over time and if you’re not paying attention, they can start to take a significant bite out of your monthly income.

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